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New Mom 803Z9

803Z9 D J Duty of Eddy Texas  is shown with his Washington of Starwood 803Z9 heifer in photo to the left   at the 2013 Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show where she won her class. D J is in the process of building his own cattle herd and this calf in the photo below is another addition.  D J just sent me the E mail below describing how his Starwood Cow is working for him.


Howdy Mr. Willett,
I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how the 803Z9 heifer i purchased from you in 2012  is doing. She is one of the best cows that I have. During this unpredictable and miserable winter, she maintained her body condition on just hay and grass which rarely happens with show heifers. Last Sunday she had her first calf. It is a little bull calf and very healthy. She has turned into a great mother and takes very good care for her calf. I plan on showing her in the cow calf show at the Texas Junior Brangus Breeders Show.
Thanks for selling me a awesome heifer,
DJ Duty



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LTD of Starwood 833W12 Houston

833W12Heifer sired by LTD of Brinks  and sold  to Alexandera Wilson of Fairview Texas.  LTD sold for $50,000 and is a  son of Csonka of Brinks. The heifers  dam was a great show cow and also placed in the top ten for the most points for Brangus Heifers in Texas for 2007



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Houston Calf Scramble June 17, 2008


The above photo is of Marvin Kyle and the donor of the money for the Houston Calf Scramble. He has used his money from the calf scramble toward the purchase of a heifer from the well know 833 show cow family. This heifer should make an outstanding show heifer.

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